Best suggestions on Botswana tourism

Botswana is a landlocked nation which lies to the South of Africa. Her immediate neighbors are Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. This state has an area of 581,730 square kilometers and Gaborone capital city. It is a population of about 1,850,000 individuals. Setswana and English are the national languages. She got her autonomy on 30th September, 1966. The Okavango Delta that is the biggest inland delta on earth is situated in this state and it covers an area of fifteen thousand square kilometers. This delta is home to a wide selection of wild creatures making the region an appealing website for individuals from many corners of the planet. There are around sixty species of snakes recorded in the state and twelve of all these are venomous.

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The optimum time to go to best African national park is during the dry season between the months of May to August when the wildebeest as well as the Okavango flooding and other creatures are migrating towards it. In this period the tourists come in large numbers as well as the costs in Camps and Lodges go up. Botswana is a semi arid state and encounters winter from May to early September and summer from October to April. Game viewing is perfect during winter while bird is done during the summertime. Simply because they have all the info you will need including the top draws in the state, it is best to organize your tour together with the local representatives.  Like many African nations, some regions particularly the Northern area of Botswana have malaria. The danger of malaria is high in this region during the warm rainy season between the months of June and November. Every visitor should thus take at least two weeks preceding the visit to malaria pills. Apply repellent oil in your body and you are guided to use treated mosquito nets during the night. Furthermore, wear pants, long-sleeved shirts and closed shoes to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes during the nighttime. Since this will even help get rid of the mosquitoes it is extremely vital that you take care of your garments with malaria insecticides.

All Botswana bushes have ticks, so use an insect repellent when walking in the bush and be certain your body is nicely covered. Tick bite fever symptoms include tenderness in the glands and body pains, headache, fever, neck stiffness. You ought to thus seek medical help before it is too late. To prevent snake bites, wear boots, socks and trouser while walking through the undergrowth. In the event of a snake bite, the very first thing you need to do is if possible kill the snake and to recognize, disinfect the region of the bite and go to the closest hospital. Precaution to sunlight and heat associated issues include avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, taking lots of water, using sunscreen and taking less booze to prevent dehydration.

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